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A Company with Staying Power!

Aviation Laboratories (AvLab) provides state of the art laboratory testing services and products to the aviation industry. AvLab was founded in 1985 and initially specialized in the development of the Garrett S.O.A.P program. Since then, it has developed into the leading aviation related analytical testing facility in the world, providing state of the art analytical testing of engine oil, oil filter debris, metallurgical alloys, hydraulic fluid, fuel and comprehensive contamination testing.

Since its inception, AvLab’s company structure has grown considerably. Its expansion includes the following:

  • State of the art laboratory testing facility located in Kenner Louisiana, adjacent to New Orleans
    International airport. This facility accommodates approximately 10 employees, performing all of the analytical testing, laboratory data management and reporting functions;

  • AvLab corporate offices located in Houston Texas, accommodating approximately 20 employees performing all of the administration, sales, warehousing, shipping, assembly and production functions;

  • The development and growth of AvLab Product Groups: Specialty Aviation Chemicals (Chem), Aviation Maintenance Products (MP) and Aviation Laboratory Services and Products (LS);

  • National distributor of a full line of products such as Type I and Type IV wing de-icers, fuel biocides, oil additives, engine oils, hydraulic fluids, filtration products, inspection kits, o-rings, gaskets, drain valves, and hardware, just to name a few!

Since 1985 we have been an industry leader in the aviation market by providing quality service, delivering on-time products, and focusing on needs of our customers. Our quality and innovation have been tested for more than a quarter century!


Our mission is to develop analytical techniques and results interpretation to meet the needs of aircraft owners/operators, and airframe and engine OEM’s, while delivering unsurpassed customer service and support, with competitive pricing and quick turn times.