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CamGuard Oil Additive
Oil/Filter Analysis Kit
Consider Camguard oil additive with your next purchase of Oil + Oil Filter Analysis Test Kit, to maintain engine oil performance in piston aircrafts.
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The first unmanned flight was performed on the 25th of April 1783. It was performed by the Montgolfier Brothers using a hot air balloon.
AvLab-Lab Services Group (LS)

Aviation Laboratories' Lab Services Group (LS) offers a wide range of aviation specific laboratory products and services to the aviation industry. Services include the technical reliability of in house laboratory analysis as well as the convenience of self-conducted field analysis, for all aircraft types, as well as helicopters. Laboratory analysis is performed in our Kenner, Louisiana laboratory facility, using state-of-the art equipment where each sample is scrutinized and tested for any issues at the earliest possible stage. Our experienced staff of engineers and technicians are committed to delivering accurate, efficient and quality results every time.

AvLab-LS Product Group
includes the following:
  • Oil Analysis
  • Oil+Oil Filter Analysis
  • Hydraulic Fluid Analysis
  • Fuel Analysis
  • Chip/Particle and Filter Analysis