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AvLab and Community!

As a small family, AvLab understands the importance of and need for support to maintain long term sustainability. Our contributions to community begin with our very own family – our loyal customers and employees. At Avlab we value the causes dearest and nearest to the hearts of our employees and customers and by supporting these causes we can make the greatest impact. Beyond our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we are also committed to contributing to the sustainable development of meaningful endeavors contributing to health, education, innovation and other causes.

Our level of commitment to our company progress and growth is shared with that of our commitment to community development.

Share with us causes that are important to you. Click here to submit a request.

Our Causes
AvLab gives to Academic and Behavior Center-West (ABC-West)
ABC-West is a division of Harris County Department of Education, and is a school that services special needs students from eight school districts in and surrounding Harris County. In efforts to support their fundraising initiatives, our very own Scott Hitterman, Corporate Accounts Manager, generously donated Clear View Glass Cleaners and Rain Wipes, to the organization for their series of car washes throughout the city. Thank you Scott for making a difference in our community!

The National MS Society
Help Our Team Move Toward a World Without MS!
Multiple sclerosis is a progressive neurological disease that affects people in many different ways. The National MS Society organizes 100 rides nationwide. The funds they raise go toward research aimed at treating and eventually curing MS, as well as services for those living with MS. We’re helping the Society, so please join us annually as Team Traveling Light, lead by AvLab's very own Robby Robbins, gears up and makes their ride for the cause! There are so many ways you can help: join our team, volunteer, donate online, send a check or talk to your employer about sponsoring future rides.

Now accepting donations through May 22, 2013.

Get-up and Go Girls!
A Houston based non-profit organization helping young girls discover full potential, self worth and direction in life. GGG Clubs are designed to offer young girls the opportunity to write their own story - creating their own experiences and mapping their own dreams. We believe this creative independence to be key in fostering a true sense of self and confidence in their abilities and the possibilities of success.

Now accepting donations online.