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Read what our customers are saying about their AvLab experience.


    • Customer Support Testimonials

      "Thank you for your excellent customer service, I really appreciate that you call every so often to see how we are doing and to check to see if we are in need of anything and of course we usually do need something. We really find it very convenient that the GA-001 metal checks have the shipping labels for us to be able to send them back to you. We especially like the new shipping labels because we can track the metal checks to see if they made it to your location and if not we can see where they may be. Again thank you for your great customer service."

      Melissa (Missy) English, Parts Manager
      Freedom Aviation

      "Aviation Laboratories has provided excellent service supporting our MRO programs. We can always depend on AvLabs to perform beyond expectations in a very challenging environment."

      Tod Bushnell, Procurement Analyst
      Northrop Grumman Technical Services

      "We have always had great support from Aviation Labs, both from the Chemical side, and the Laboratory side. Recently, we had a problem with several oil samples not being processed and found that USPS was apparently losing some samples. We could not track these kits, and when we found the new kits came in with traceable labels, John Vicari, Laboratory Manager, sent us additional labels for the old kits we had in stock so that those, too, would be traceable. That was great support!

      We also find the reminders of our Dice status are very help, and Tim Wightman and his team (AvLab-Chem Team) are always helpful with pricing and information on the full line of products that we use at our multiple locations. In this challenging business environment, great support is a huge bonus. Thanks, AvLab!"

      Steve Desrosiers, Accountant
      FlightLevel Norwood LLC

      "Trans States Airlines has used Aviation Laboratories for years and are very satisfied with their products and services. I would recommend Aviation Laboratories to other airlines. Your staff is very prompt and helpful, and is willing to help in time of crisis."

      Mike Dobbie
      Trans States Airlines

      "When I need filters and inspection kits, I make one call to Aviation Laboratories. Good prices, great service. Aviation Laboratories has been #1 with me for the past several years."

      Bruce Allen
      C.O.D. Parts Sales

      "DICE Flash 190. The service on delivery is excellent. Keep up the good work and keep the same company."

      Palgray Marage
      Aviation Contracting Services

      "Thank you very much for the great service. I will certainly refer you to anyone that needs turbine service parts. I will also inform the other departments of this company to use you for their turbine parts!"

      Dave Green
      Florida Air

      "Very responsive to my request for better pricing."

      Jean Garrow
      Royal Jet

      "Thank you for all your services. Thank you for taking that extra step in following through with our orders. It makes a tremendous difference working with someone that takes the time to answer our questions and goes the extra mile to meet our needs.

      The automatic shipment of additive to our Romulus, MI location is a great convenience and saves me a great deal of time. As well as the automatic pick up of the empty drums at Romulus and at other locations. Above all thank you for standing out above the rest. Your service is great and I look forward to you growing with our needs."

      Stacey Cronin
      Bell Fuels, Inc.

    • Clear View Testimonials

      "As a pilot, dirty airplane windows are my pet peeve. I switched to AvLab's aircraft window cleaning products after I discovered they work better than four other brands I've tried. When used with a microfiber cloth, Clear View Plastic and Glass Cleaner easily wipes away bugs, dirt, and fingerprints without wasting the product or doing a lot of scrubbing. It doesn't leave an annoying film behind.

      Clear View Plastic Polish and Protectant makes fine scratches disappear, which cuts down on glare. It makes the windows look new. These two products work well together and are a great value because one can goes a long way. Highly recommended."

      Kate Bernard
      Flight Instructor and Pilot

      "Besides the case of oil filters, I also purchased 3 cans of Clear View polish and protector. I find that the Clear View is as good or better than the plexus that I had been using, besides being much better priced."

      Joe Androfski, Operations Manager
      Waunakee Airpark, LLC

      "I bought my boyfriend a can of Clear View Plastic Polish and Protectant and he uses it exclusively on his Honda Goldwing motorcycle. Not only does Clear View remove dirt and bugs, but it leaves the windshield, side covers, saddle bags and trunk looking like new! Better still, with Clear View on, the bugs and dirt come off even easier the next time he uses it. Clear View is a GREAT product!"

      Tracey McHenry

      "My brother bought your cleaning system for plexiglass and I was impressed by it. So much so, that when I bough my Honda Valkyrie Motorcycle, I ended up buying my own.

      It cuts through bugs and dirt easily and leaves my windshield clean while leaving no scratches. This is the only cleaner I've ever seen that didn't hurt the plexiglass. Even the biggest bug splats come off completely, easily and without damaging the plexiglass.

      I highly recommend this product (Clear View Glass and Plastic Cleaner/Protectant)."

      Fast Eddie Leuter

    • Laboratory Service Testimonials

      "We have used Metal Check for 4 years. Last year we changed a cylinder. The analysis report said 'looks like you changed a cylinder'. I was amazed at your accuracy. Thank you."

      Jeff Anderson, N-6811F
      Art Anderson