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Try to keep your search for an aircraft close to home. If a problem pops up after the sale, you may not find the long-distance seller as willing to help you as someone closer to home.
Buying an Aircraft

The decision to purchase an aircraft is a lofty one and should be considered in great detail and practicality. Often times, the investment and commitment far exceeds that of a new home! There are important factors to consider when making this investment:

  • Selecting the Aircraft
  • Aircraft Records
  • Aircraft Titles
  • Aircraft Documents
  • Manuals
  • Maintenance

Selecting an Aircraft. Take your time when considering which aircraft best suits your needs. Consider all contingecy factors applicable to you and then make comparisons amongst your options. It is suggested that you rent an aircraft of interest to determine who well it will in fact meet your requirements. Once you've identified the type of aircraft you want, shop around an do some pricing. There are several good publications available that advertise aircraft for sale. We've listed a couple to get started with.

Also, be sure to know the factors that affect resale value.

  • Engine hours
  • installed equipment
  • Airworthiness
  • Damage history
  • Paint/Interior

Download Buying an Aircraft Checklist.