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Old Glory Intiatitive: Celebrating Heroism.
Recognizing Leadership.

Old Glory is a tribute cause that supports and honors our veteran heroes and those community leaders who have paved a way for their success in life after war. The Old Glory Initiative serves as a vehicle for veteran communities to receive the resources and support they require to reintegrate into their communities and thrive socially, economically, physically and psychologically, post war.

There is an unwritten rule that all aircraft hangars have our nation’s flag present in some fashion. The hangar is a unique place where the space becomes hallowed ground with the flag being the focal point – a sanctuary of patriotism. It is our hope to share this splendor of patriotism in colorful, brilliant imagery by inviting amateur and professional photographers and aviation enthusiasts from around the globe to submit images that best capture this display of patriotism within and around our hangars.

The Old Glory Initiative will culminate in a 13-month calendar featuring the top 13 images - symbolic of the original 13 colonies. Through the support of our sponsors, 100% of the revenues from the sale of the 2014 calendar will be donated to two veteran related non-profit organizations, selected by the public. The top 100 images will be included in a special issue of HangarSphere due out Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2013.

How to participate

Submit your Photo!

High-resolution images and descriptions should be sent to Photos@OldGlory4Vets.com. All image submissions are due by April 25, 2013.

Go to OldGlory4Vets.comfor more information regarding Submission Criteria/Guidelines

Become a Sponsor!

As a sponsor of the Old Glory Initiative, you and/or your company plays an intricate role in the support of our veteran communities and their transition back into society and civilian life. More specifically, your contribution supports the promotion, production and printing of the Old Glory calendar, of which 100% of the revenues from calendar sales will be donated to to two agencies selected by the public.

For more information about sponsoring Old Glory, visit Facebook.com/OldGlory4OurVets, or contact Aviation Laboratories' April Khaliq at 713-864-6677 / akhaliq@avlab.com or HangarSphere's Lars Jensen at 608-347-355 / lars@hangarsphere.com.